I was thinking that all of the splendor, wonder, and intricacies of nature are phenomenal. The mountains, trees, bark, streams, bugs are an amazing design and plan. How incredibly beautiful they are, how overwhelming they can be in their power and intricate display. And yet. They are not the most incredible or the most intricate. They are not the best of the best of the Master Designer. In all of His wisdom and power and glory, He saved His most incredible creation for last.

What is the masterpiece of this amazing Designer, this amazing God? It is mankind. Men and women with their astounding abilities to reason and build, to feel empathy and compassion. To have original thoughts, to create. They are the masterpiece. To think and contemplate thoughts and ideas which seem to be larger than themselves. To manipulate and control the world around them to meet their needs and desires. Being made in the image of this Creator would have to make humanity the ultimate masterpiece. But then, even with the Master’s image stamped on every part of their being they are tarnished. Broken down. Broken-hearted. Broken-spirited. How can this beaten-up creation be the masterpiece, the pinnacle of His earthly design? Then I realized. The true height of God’s creative abilities was not only in the creation itself but in the plan to restore His masterpiece to its original, perfect, glory and beauty. To take what has become tattered and torn. Misused and abused. Worn out and beaten up, and return it to its intended, perfect beginning. To let His beauty and holiness shine in and through as each created person becomes like Christ. It was always His plan. The absolute beauty of the plan is that it’s a masterpiece by any measure.

~Pastor Ken